What is Couponcloud?

Couponcloud is India's leading coupon aggregator and cash back site whichoffers unbelievable discounts as well as deals. It provides user with a range of Online Coupons, Local Offers, Cashback Offers and Daily Deals. These offers are on categories like Electronics, Fashion, food and health etcfrom all the well-known national and international E- Commerce retailers across the nation. Couponcloud makes your online and offline shopping an economical affair. Visit www.couponcloud.in to know more.

Which retailers can I save on?

We work with several retailers to provide you the latest offers that can help you save big whenever you shop through us. You can come across latest offers from big renowned retailers like Amazon, Flipkart, Shopclues, Jabong, Dominos, Paytm,MakeMyTrip to name some and get cash back as well. Just type the name of the merchant you want to shop on in the search bar, or explore different categories to see the great variety of our retail partners.

Do I need to register?

Registration is not mandatory. But, registration offers you highest cash back. If you want to stay updated with all the Latest Coupons as well as Cashback Offers and save your hard-earned money every time you shop online; in that very casedo register with us.

Why should I subscribe for Newsletter?

When you subscribe to our Newsletter, you can stay updated and get emails with all the Latest Discounts, Cashback Offers & Deals and Local Offers across categories like Electronics, Fashion, Food & Beverages and more; all in your inbox. This can help you make an informed decision, each time you shop.

I bought a product online, but haven't received it yet, what am I supposed to do?

In such a case, you need to report the concerned online E-Commerce Website. We only promote the deals & offers.

Earning Cashback

How do I get Cashback?

You can earn Cashback by making a valid purchase from the partner stores via Couponcloud's website. Simple steps to get rewarded:

  • Sign in to your Couponcloud account
  • Look for your favorite retailer
  • Choose from the available offers
  • Complete your purchase through us
  • Enter your shopping purchase ID or order ID or Transaction ID
  • Enter the transaction amount paid at e-store.

Retailer now pays us a commission for this deal. We pass that to you as 'cashback'. At first, your cashback remains in 'Pending' status. After 4-5 working days the status is changed to Processing and this remains till 3-10 weeks. Once the return period of your product is over, retailer pays us in the next monthly payment cycle. Your cashback then turns out to be 'Confirmed'.

When you gather a minimum of Rs.300 in 'Confirmed' cashback we can pay the money to your Indian bank account by NEFT. You need at least Rs. 300 as 'Confirmed' cashback for each payment request.

Can I use vouchers with cashback?

Yes, for a lot of our retailers we have cashback offers and vouchers both. Most retailers pay the similar cashback rate if you use a voucher code along with it. But, some merchants might pay a lower rate, and very few might not pay cashback at all if used along with a voucher code.

What does Pending/Processing Earnings mean?

Pending/Processing Earnings are those that we have tracked as valid transactions and have been acknowledged by retailers. But, as they are still inside the Return or Cancellation period, they cannot be paid out to you yet.

Let's take an example. You make a purchase from Jabong.com for Rs. 5000. Within 4-5 days you shall get an email from us acknowledging that you have Pending Earnings of Rs. 500 (at 10?shback rate).

Now when the cancellation or return period has come to an end, Jabong.com shall confirm this to us and pay us in the next monthly payment cycle. We will then move Rs. 500 to your Confirmed Earnings.

On the other hand, if your plans changed and you had to cancel your order, the deal is cancelled and the cashback is removed from your Pending Earnings.

Where do I see my cashback earning?

When logged in, you can move to Account panel. You can click on Cashback section to find out details of all cashback earned.

Can I visit the retailer directly, and just send you a receipt to get my cashback?

NO !To earn cashback, you MUST visit the retailer via couponcloud.in site. This way the retailer can track that we got them this sale, and we would be given a commission from them. We pay you cashback from this. If you visit the retailer directly, then Couponcloud will not be able to claim any commission and pay any cashback to you.

General questions about Cashback

How is Couponcloud.in able to offer Cash Back?

When you shop at retailers via us, retailers pay us a referral fee. Instead of keeping this referral fee, we pass some amount of it to you as cashback. This referral fee comes from the retailers advertising as well as customer acquisition budgets. This is no attention grabber, as everyone wins!

The retailer link is not working. What should I do?

First of all, please try opening the retailer link in a different browser, or rather another computer, as well. To make sure that the problem you have is not being triggered by your own settings, please follow these simple steps:

For Google Chrome Users

Enable Cookies: Tools - Options - Under the Hood - Cookie Settings. Please change to allow all Cookies. Clear Cookies: Go to Tools - Clear Browsing Data. Just change the time range to clear to everything.

For Firefox Users

Enable Cookies: Go to Tools - Options - Privacy. Then please change your settings under History to Remember History. Enable [removed] Go to Tools - Options - Content. Then please make sure Enable JavaScript is ticked. Disable pop-up blocker: Go to Tools - Options - Content. Then please ensure Block pop-up window is not ticked. Clear Cookies: Go to Tools - Clear Recent History. Please change the time range to clear to Everything

For Internet Explorer Users

Lower Security Level: Go to Tools - Internet Options - Security. Lower Security level to Medium. Lower Privacy Settings: Go to Tools - Internet Options - Privacy. Lower the Security Level to Low. Deactivate Pop-up Blocker: Tools - Internet Options - Privacy. Please ensure the Pop-up Blocker at the options page is not ticked. Clear Cookies: Go to Tools - Delete Browsing History. Please delete all.

If nothing of this work, please contact our Customer Support Team at info@couponcloud.in and we can check out this for you. Please provide a clear and brief description of your experience, and include the browser name as well as version number. If you are getting tracking issue messages, please offer any relevant details on your security settings and/or software.

What are some best practices while making a purchase at affiliated partners?

Always use the links provided by Couponcloud.in to enter a retailer's site; do not type in retailer names at the top of your browser screen.

We recommend you do not use a quote reference or coupon code provided by a comparison site, other cashback site, coupon site, etc. In such a case, the commission from the transaction would be paid to that site. If we do not receive any commission from retailers we are not able to offer cashback to you.

Don't search a comparison site, other cashback site, coupon site, etc. while completing a Couponcloud.in purchase - again there is a risk that the commission/cashback might accrue to that site instead.

Voucher as well as gift codes - To get cashback via Couponcloud.in please only use voucher codes supplied by Couponcloud.in. Using vouchers not supplied by Couponcloud.in may result in another party being credited with your cashback.

Keep all email confirmations, original bill as well as documents from the retailer and us - just in case you need to utilize the information for submitting an earnings enquiry.

Missing Cashback

I made a purchase but haven't received any cashback email for it. What should I do?

If your purchase was done less than 3 days ago, please wait a bit more. It usually takes 1-7 days for purchases to be confirmed to your account.

But, if your purchase was done over 3 days ago, please submit a missing cashback ticket in 10 days from the day of transaction. Any Missing Cashback Claims will not be accepted after 10 days. At times, though rare, retailers are not unsuccessful in tracking a transaction at their end. After we receive transaction details from you, we are able to follow this up with the retailer, and endeavor to get your missing cashback.

What information do I send for missing cashback enquiry?

To submit an enquiry you need: merchant name, date of the transaction, transaction amount, Invoice No., as well as any other details to info@Couponcloud.in that would help the merchant track your transaction.

How long does it take to resolve cashback enquiries?

Cashback enquiries can take between 7 to 90 days to resolve. Rest assured we will do our best to resolve your missing cashback query as soon as possible. Keep in mind, our incentives are aligned with yours, and we earn when you get paid a cashback.

What are the reasons for a cashback to not track or track incorrectly?

When you visit a retailer through our website, our systems are able to track that visit and record an 'exit click'. After that, if you don't receive an email from us about your cashback it is possible that by some means the retailer has missed the transaction. In these cases, we will chase the retailer and try our level best to provide you your missing cashback. Please note that at times cashback is not paid on VAT and delivery amounts. So, if you think your cashback was tracked at a wrong number then this could be one of the reasons.

In few cases the retailer might decline your cashback, such as:

  • The purchase was repaid, cancelled or the order amended.
  • The purchase was not completed completely online.
  • Some other referrer has been awarded the cashback commission (say a price comparison site).
  • You did not act in accordance with the terms and conditions listed on our website and/or the merchant's.
  • A voucher or gift code not authorized by our website was used.
  • The merchant has stopped trading or has gone into administration.
  • Cookies were disabled and therefore the tracking could not be completed.
  • In general, going with the terms and conditions given on our retailer page and ensuring you follow the recommended process will lessen the risk of anything going incorrect.

What happens if the cashback query is denied?

The merchant holds sole discretion in deciding the validity of the cashback query. Even though our team shall try our best to resolve your cashback query favorably, but in a number of cases your cashback might be declined. Please help us get your transaction approved from the merchant by providing all important proofs of purchase. Unfortunately, merchant's decision is always final.


What is your payment policy?

Cashback can be paid to you as per the below terms:

Only Confirmed Cashback can be paid. Pending Cashback cannot be paid until its status has been updated as 'Confirmed' by the merchants.

You may request payment for Rs 250 or more of Confirmed CashBack posted in your account - There is a Minimum Payment Threshold of Rs 250

We pay the money to your Indian bank account via NEFT.

Depending on your bank, this payment should reach your account inside 3-4 business days for payments via NEFT.

How do I request payment of my cashback?

You may request payment for any amount Rs 250 or more of ConfirmedCashBack posted in your account as there is a minimum threshold of Rs 250

To request payment, fill the form on Payment page

Payments are made every week on Monday. All payment requests made by Friday would be paid on the following Monday. Depending on your bank, this payment should reach your account within 36-47 business days.

I live in a foreign country. How do I get my cashback paid?

For us to pay your cashback, you are supposed to have an Indian bank account. Your present location does not matter till the time you have an Indian bank account.

Does cash sitting in my account expire?

Not at all, this is your money and we definitely want to pay it to you. No matter, if you have gaps in your usage the cashback account does not expire. Once you have 'Confirmed' cashback we can pay the money to your Indian bank account.

Questions about Refer and Earn

How do I Refer Friends?

Referring friends is extremely easy. You just have to send your unique referral link present at-'Refer & Earn' to your friends. If they Sign-Up at Couponcloud after visiting your referral link, you will earn Referral Earnings for each cashback they earn at Couponcloud. You can send your referral link by email or post it on Facebook, Google+ Twitter simply via our website itself. Please visit the Refer and Earn page for more information.

Where to see the Referral Earnings?

Click on 'My Account' and then 'My Referral earnings'. Here you will be able to see your referral earnings.

What is a fake/Invalid referral??

An Invalid/Fake referral is one in which we create another account at Couponcloud by using our own referral link to earn extra money. This is against the rules of Couponcloud and strict action will be taken in such circumstances.

What happens if I do a fake referral to earn extra money?

It is against the rules of Couponcloud and we have a smart mechanism in place which tracks such fake referrals. In such a case, all the fake accounts operated by that person will be closed as well as cashback seized.

Account Settings

How do I change my password?

To change your password, LOG IN to your CouponCloud account. Click on your Dashboard.Under the 'Account Settings' section, select change password. Type-in your new password and save it.

I've forgotten my Password, what should I do?

In case you forget your password, just click on 'Forgot password?' on the log in page and follow the instructions. A piece of mail will be sent to your registered e-mail id at once, stating instructions on how to change your password. Just in case, you don't find the email in your inbox, you should check your junk or spam folder as in rare occasions; this email might be marked as spam. Please make sure that you click on the link in the most recent email, in order to change your password.

Partner With Us

Toextend your reach to new customers right away with your offers as well as deals, Partner with us by filling up the following form with your details. For further steps, our executives will contact you as soon as possible.

How it works?

How to earn cashback?

Step 1: Register or Login to Couponcloud.in

Step2: Browse the retailer of your choice listed on our website

Step3: Click buy now and you will be transferred to the retailer website for shopping.

Step 4: Retailer now pays us a commission for this deal. We pass that to you as a 'cashback'. At first, your cashback remains in 'Pending' status. After 4-5 working days the status is changed to Processing and this remains till 3-10 weeks because most of the retailers offers around 4 weeks of free return policy.

Step 5: As soon as the return period of your product is over, retailer pays us in the next monthly payment cycle and your cashback status gets 'Confirmed'.

Step 6: You need at least Rs. 250 as 'Confirmed' cashback for each payment request and we transfer the money to your bank account for free.

How to use coupons?

Step 1: Join Couponcloud & Browse offers from multiple brands

Step2: Click out of Couponcloud to the retailer's website

Step3: Enter our coupon code once you check-out & pay on the retailer's website to receive discount

Are your Rewards or Cashback Missing?

Step 1: After you shop via Couponcloud, please wait for at least 3 business days for us to track your transaction. If you don't receive an email from us inside this time period, you can raise a Missing Ticket

Step2: Click on My Account and select the Missing Cashback option

Step3: Keep your transaction details ready and fill in the Missing Ticket enquiry and Submit

Step4: We will now get in touch with the retailer and get your Cashback / Rewards added to your account.