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Alibaba Cloud top verified Promo code, Coupons and Offers | May 2022

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  • "Alibaba Cloud" offers :    Elastic Compute Service with Free Anti-DDoS. Basic Service, from US$0.99/Month.

    Alibaba Cloud Verified


    Alibaba cloud coupons and offers deals-

    • Elastic Compute Service with Free Anti-DDoS Basic Service, from US$0.99/Month.
    • Alibaba Cloud Elastic Compute Service (ECS) provides fast memory and the latest Intel CPUs to help you to power your cloud applications and achieve faster results with low latency. All ECS instances come with Anti-DDoS protection to safeguard your data and applications from DDoS and Trojan attacks.

    Why Alibaba Cloud ECS?

    • 5X Higher Computing Performance
    • Local SSD cloud disk capable of 240,000 IOPS
    • Maximum PPS throughput of 7 million PPS

    Expires on:

    20th April, 2021

  • "Alibaba Cloud" offers :    Cloud Database Service with Automatic Monitor, Backup & Disaster Recovery, from US$10/Month.

    Alibaba Cloud Verified


    Alibaba cloud coupons and offers deals-

    • Get ApsaraDB RDS for MySQL from $10/month
    • Features: Pre-protection, Attack detention & prevention, Security event auditing, Active/Standby architecture, Same city disaster recovery, Remote disaster recovery, Multiple editions, Autoscaling, Dedicated server configuration, Read-only instances, Backup & recovery, Upgrade, Alarms & monitoring, Failover, Performance diagnostics
    • Benefits: AliSQL research & development, Complete monitoring & diagnostics, High-security level, High performance for concurrent queries


    Expires on:

    20th April, 2021

  • "Alibaba Cloud" offers :    Anti-DDoS Service Protect Business as low as $600 PerMonth

    Alibaba Cloud Verified


    Alibaba cloud coupons and offers deals-

    • Protect your online servers against volumetric  with Anti-DDoS Pro
    • Redirect attack traffic to Anti-DDoS Pro to ensure the stability and availability of origin sites
    • Get benefits like Large mitigation capacity, Support for all business, Advanced algorithms, Cost efficiency
    • Get features like Customizable traffic scrubbing templates, Blackhole deactivation, Traffic blocking by region, Multiple report types


    Expires on:

    20th April, 2021

  • Dot XYZ Domain only for $0.18 on Alibaba Cloud

    "Alibaba Cloud" offers :    Dot XYZ Domain only for $0.18 on Alibaba Cloud

    Alibaba Cloud Verified


    Dot XYZ domain for only $0.18 1st year on Alibaba Cloud! Limited time offer! Buy Now!

    Expires on:

    31st December, 2019

Alibaba Cloud Hosting Solutions discount coupons and deals like One Month Free Trail with benefits of $300 to $1200

Alibaba Cloud Background:

Alibaba Cloud formerly known as Aliyun is a Chinese cloud computing company, a subsidiary of Alibaba Group. Alibaba group offers a comprehensive suite of global cloud computing services to empower the online business on international front and support worldwide e commerce eco system. Alibaba group has changed the outlook of e commerce industry with drop shipping. It offers complete range of server hosting, cloud computing, to large and small enterprises in 168 countries and regions. Today Alibaba group is considered #1 cloud computing player of China and 3 rd largest in the world. It provides online cloud computing to online business and Alibaba own e -commerce establishment. Started in September 2009 from Hangzhou Beijing and Silicon Valley and launched many data centers across the world. Currently Alibaba could have 19 regional data centers globally including, North, South & East China, East & West USA, Europe, UK, Middle East, Japan, Hongkong, Singapore, Australia, Malaysia, India & Indonesia.

  • 2009


  • 2015

    August Singapore Data Centre

  • Nov 2015

    supported record 14.2 Billion transaction in 24 hours

  • May 2016

    JV with Soft Bank for cloud services in Japan

  • Nov 2016

    partnered with Vodaphone Germany to provide data center operation for German and European Companies

  • Jan 2017

    become the official Olympic partner for Cloud Service Provider

  • Jul 2017

    changed the website from to

  • Oct 2017

    partnered with Elastic and launches Alibaba Cloud Elastic search and started Malaysian data Centre as well

  • Dec 2017

    start of Indian data center and also receive C5 standard certification from German Federal Office for its German and Singapore data center

  • Feb 2018

    started Indonesian data center

  • 2019

    Gartner has named Alibaba as Leader in its 2019 Magic Quadrant for public cloud Infrastructure and Managed Service Provider

Why Alibaba Cloud Solution?

During the last 10 years Alibaba cloud has launched many products. The focus was on scalable and expandable methods with perfectly elastic software service on pay per use basis as well. It has also given an option to user to increase the requirement with self-serve capabilities features. The most popular services are as follows:

  • Web based Cloud Computing
  • Infrastructure as a service ( IaaS)
  • Software as a service ( SaaS)
  • Platform as a service (PaaS)
  • E Commerce
  • Big Data
  • IoT
  • Object Storage (OOS)

There are multiple cloud computing platforms available in the world and Alibaba Cloud Hosting Solution is one of them. Alibaba commitment is that we will help you design, deploy, manage and optimize your Alibaba Cloud Solution, including compute, storage, database, CDN, and big data. They back this up with 24x7x365 support. The Amazon AWS is the closest competitor to Alibaba Cloud

Learn More About Alibaba Cloud Solution

Check out the range of offering from Alibaba Cloud Solution


Alibaba Cloud Product & Services has multiple options and offers in 168 countries and regions with flexible purchasing options an easy payment process. It has expanded range of high-performance cloud products including large scale computing storage resources and Big Data processing capabilities for users around the world. Here are the few key services of Alibaba Cloud Solution:

  • Elastic Computing
  • Storage & CDN
  • Networking
  • Database Services
  • Security
  • Monitoring & Measurement
  • Domain & Website
  • Analytics & Big Data
  • Application Services
  • Media Services
  • Middleware
  • Cloud Communications
  • Apsara Stack
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
AlibabaCloud product service

Elastic Computing

  • Elastic Compute Service
  • Simple Application Server
  • Elastic GPU Service
  • Auto Scaling
  • Server Load Balancer
  • Container Service
  • Container Service for Kubernetes
  • Elastic Container Instance
  • Container Registry
  • Resource Orchestration Service
  • E-HPC
  • ECS Bare Metal Instance
  • Super Computing Cluster
  • Function Compute
  • Batch Compute
  • Dedicated Host

Storage & CDN:

  • Object Storage Service
  • Table Store
  • Alibaba Cloud CDN
  • Network Attached Storage
  • Hybrid Cloud Storage Array
  • Data Transport
  • Hybrid Backup Recover
  • Cloud Storage Gateway
  • Dynamic Route for CDN

Networking: Build stable and safe networking with Alibaba Cloud CPS & Express Connect.

  • Virtual Private Cloud
  • Express Connect
  • NAT Gateway
  • Server Load Balancer
  • Elastic IP
  • VPN Gateway
  • Cloud Enterprise Network
  • Smart Access Gateway
  • Data Transfer Plan
  • Alibaba Cloud Private Zone

Database Services: Manage your data with Alibaba elastic, secure and reliable databases

  • ApsaraDB for Redis
  • ApsaraDB RDS for MYSQL
  • ApsaraDB RDS for SQL Server
  • ApsaraDB RDS for PostgreSQL
  • ApsaraDB RDS for PPAS
  • ApsaraDB for MongoDB
  • ApsaraDB for Memcache
  • Data Transmission Service (DTS)
  • AnalyticDB for PostgreSQL
  • Distributed Relational Database Services
  • Time Series Database
  • ApsaraDB for MariaDB TX
  • Database Backup
  • Data Management Service
  • Data Lake Analytics

Security: Protect your data and application and servers from malicious attacks.

  • Anti-DDoS Basic
  • Anti-DDoS Pro
  • Anti-DDoS Premium
  • Web Application Firewall
  • Server Guard
  • SSL Certificate Services
  • Website Threat Inspector
  • Managed Security Service
  • Content Moderation
  • Anti-Bot Service
  • Security Centre
  • Gameshield

Monitoring & Management: Securly manage and monitor your cloud resources in real time with the following advance tools

  • Cloud Monitor
  • Resource Access Management
  • Key Management Service
  • Action Trail
  • Open API Explorer
  • Cloud Shell

Domain & Website: Manage and monitor your domain and website on Alibaba secure cloud network.

  • Web Hosting
  • Domains
  • Alibaba Cloud DNS

Analytics and Big Data: No hosing is complete without analytics. Manage your analytics with data warehousing, business intelligence, batch processing, stream processing, machine learning and big data solutions.

  • E-Map reduced
  • Maxcompute
  • Dataworks
  • Data Integration
  • Quick BI
  • DataV
  • Image Search
  • Intelligence Service Robot
  • Dataphin
  • Machine Learning Platform for AI
  • Elasticsearch
  • Realtime Compute
  • Machine Translation

Application Service: Components and management tools to make your application building and management easier and more convenient.

  • Message Service
  • API Gateway
  • Log Service
  • Direct Mail
  • Blockchain as a service
  • Alibaba Mall

Media Services: A professional service for live video and audio

  • Apsara Video Live
  • Apsara Video for Media Processing
  • Apsara Video VOD

Middleware: Alibaba offers multiple solutions for middleware for application development and microservices solutions.

  • Enterprise Distributed Application Services
  • Message Queue
  • Application Configuration Management
  • Tracing Analysis
  • Application Real-Time Monitoring Services
  • Application High Availability
  • Aliware MQ for IOT

Cloud Communication:

  • Alibaba offers Short Message Service as well.

Apstara Stack: Deliver Alibaba Cloud services from your on-premises data centre

  • Apstara Stack

Internet on Things:

  • IOT Platform
  • IOV Command Centre

The top product and solution of Alibaba Cloud Solutions are:

  • Elastic Compute Service
  • CDN
  • Anti-DoSS Basic
  • Object Storage Service
  • E Commerce
  • Web Hosting
  • Security
product and solution of Alibaba Cloud Solutions

All these products are available with flexible purchasing options an easy payment process:

  • Prepaid and Pay as you go method
  • All payment processed via default payment option
  • Detailed billing items calculated on an hourly basis
  • Multiple Payment options like Mastercard, Visa, Amex, and Paypal
  • All billings in USD
  • Billing supports to 168 countries and regions

Prepaid: Pay in advance to maximize the saving

  • Option of Reserve Resources
  • One-time charge at check out
  • Monthly and Yearly prepaid option
  • The longer your reserve the server lesser you pay
  • Auto renewal at the end of each billing cycle Pay as you Go: Pay only for the resources you consume Insert the image of Pay as you go from the above URL
  • Billing is based on per hour basis
  • Flexibility to try Alibaba Cloud products anytime
  • Charged at the end of each calendar month
  • All products are supported
  • No Termination Fee
  • No upfront cost

Discounts and Offers from Alibaba Cloud:

Alibaba Cloud Affiliate Program:

Alibaba has grown multifold in last 10 year and now has decided to try their marketing muscles to give tough competition to their rival Amazon Web Services (AWS) and started an affiliate program to attract the affiliate from the world to promote Alibaba Cloud Solution across the world. Here is the process of registering as an affiliate with Alibaba Cloud Affiliate Program

Steps to register with Alibaba Affiliate Program: This program is affiliated with Rakuten Affiliate Network and request to completes the following steps:

  • Register with Rakuten Affiliate Network
  • Get the promotional link for banner/text ads which can be placed on your website, blog or may be social media platform.
  • Earn Referral Bonus – Whenever a user clicks from your website and go to and make purchase. You will get entitled for a bonus commission for every qualified purchase

Benefits of joining the affiliate program

  • Free to Join – This is a free program to join you have nothing to pay.
  • Easy to Join – Its very easy to join the program, all you have to do is to follow the link and fill up the mandatory information of your traffic source and follow the guidelines
  • Earnings- you will get the earning for every qualified purchase made through your traffic source.
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